A divorce is one of the most challenging times an individual can experience. While some couples prefer prolonged litigation, a majority of my clients seek an expeditious and amicable divorce that addresses their short and long-term goals. Regardless of the path you take, you will have very specific concerns. Elaine M. Simon is dedicated to understanding these needs as she helps you strategically build your case. Her experience has taught her that each family deserves a level of attention that is as unique as their family dynamic. Ms. Simon wants her clients to complete the divorce process in a way that saves them as much time and money as possible. Of course, this can vary depending on how long they were married, if they had children and what they seek to gain in the divorce process. In all cases, Ms. Simon tailors her services to her clients’ specific needs.

Specific Factors affecting equitable distribution

  • Duration of marriage
  • Intentional Dissipation of marital assets
  • Misconduct
  • Tax consequences
  • Contribution to the marriage
  • Contribution to other spouse-non-marital property
  • Other factors


Distribution of Particular Types of Property

When necessary, we work with forensic accountants for valuation of professional practice, partnerships, corporations, other business, goodwill, pensions, retirement benefits and stock options.