There are times in life when you need a trusted and experienced family law attorney to advise you. Through strategic and responsive representation, Elaine M. Simon can guide you through this difficult time. Family law matters require a compassionate, yet logical approach. Elaine M. Simon works closely with her clients while helping them establish a realistic objective.

Elaine M. Simon’s office is centrally located in Palm Beach Gardens. She focuses exclusively on marital and family law. This allows her to strive for superior personalized service and aggressive representation on behalf of her clients.

Elaine M. Simon provides comprehensive legal services pertaining to Florida family law matters including, but not limited to: divorce, paternity, time-sharing, child support, modifications, pre and post nuptial agreements, domestic violence and complex cases. If you are facing the possibility of divorce, parenting issues (formerly known as custody), alimony, child support, contempt, modifications, paternity and other domestic relations matters, you need an attorney who will effectively and zealously represent you, put your needs and concerns first, and give you the personal attention you deserve.

The majority of family law matters are complex and potentially affect every aspect of one’s life, from financial to emotional, physical and legal. Elaine M. Simon’s objective is to provide you with an assessment of your case and assist in formulating solutions that best suit your families needs and goals. Utilizing her specific knowledge and experience in the area of family law, she strives to settle clients’ disputes quickly and discreetly using settlement mechanisms such as mediation. People can save significant time and expense by using mediation to resolve contested issues. Mediation can also reduce the emotional impact and stress involved with divorce. By comparison, the adversarial nature of courtroom litigation often fuels animosities. Even so, some couples cannot settle their differences outside of court. For this reason, Elaine M. Simon is ready and able to litigate your case to conclusion whenever settlement is not possible.

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Professional, Reassuring and Efficient

July 5, 2016

A very contentious separation had shaken my confidence that I would be able to maintain a healthy relationship with my children and be financially and professionally stable. Elaine was compassionate without being condescending and provided me the support and resources to mediate a mutually acceptable agreement. She then moved my case through the system in a very efficient manner and made the entire process as painless as possible.
Elaine is an excellent communicator, well organized, knowledgeable and caring. Without her help my case could have been extremely difficult and costly. I would highly recommend Elaine without hesitation.

Posted by Michael

Would definitley hire again and again!!

June 3, 2016

Elaine and Marry were the only 2 attorneys that could solve my case in court. After 7 years nonstop battling i had lost hope until i found this law firm. It was almost like a miracle to me. They not only are good hearted, they genuinely care for their clients and are extremley professional when it comes to solving your case. I would reccommend and hire them again without hesitation. I cannot thank them enough for what they have done for me.

Posted by Romina

Very professional and organized

May 16, 2016

Elaine has always been very receptive and gets things done fast. I originally found her online when searching for someone special (who could help my situation).   Excellent attorney!

Posted by Michael

Not (only) an excellent attorney. A FRIEND!

April 7, 2016

Elaine wasn’t recommended to me by anybody. I was in need to get a professional advice and help, in a very important moment, in a foreign country (for me) and on a "high-end attorney territory", confident in nothing except my good friend - my intuition. And once again my good friend didn’t disappoint me. I not only found on her those qualities that make the difference: excellent communication, negotiation talent, responsiveness, caring and extremely compassionate. I found the most important: a friend. She had the patience to explain to me something that was two times more complicated for me (because of the terminology and because of the foreign language). She made me feel confident and protected like only a good friend does. Thank you again, Elaine!

Posted by Sylvia

Family law

April 6, 2016

Elaine has helped me with my family litigation in the past and has tremendous knowledge in this area. She is professional, fair and honest. I wouldn't use anyone else to represent further issues. I completely recommend her for any family legal representation.

Posted by Eileen

Great Attorney

October 5, 2015

This endorsement is based on a personal knowledge of Elaine Simon’s dedication to the highest standards of jurisprudence, her commitment to family values, and her impeccable character. I have personally benefited from Elaine’s legal advice and counsel. Her understanding and application of family law has consistently demonstrated a keen intellect, sound reasoning, and objectivity along with an acute sense of fairness and equity. She is greatly respected among her peers, colleagues, and friends as a seasoned attorney with the highest caliber of professional skills and legal instincts. As a client, I can attest to her experience and skills in litigation, human resources, and family law with my personal divorce. Elaine is someone who first listens, then thoroughly and objectively considers all alternatives before making a decision. Her maturity of character, personal convictions, faith, and dedication to family also Seldom have I felt comfortable in making such an enthusiastic recommendation regarding an attorney. I have no hesitation in advising you to hire a GREAT attorney, Elaine Simon.

Posted by Joe

Always dependable

October 5, 2015

When my former husband served me with papers attempting to modifying our divorce agreement with multiple false accusations listed, Elaine was recommended to me by someone who had already hired her. At the time I was basically living at the hospital 24 hrs a day with my ill child, and Elaine responded to my situation very quickly by coming to the hospital to meet with me and discuss my situation. Understanding the urgent nature of what my former husband was attempting to do she was able to get to work on my case immediately, the whole time showing an incredible amount of caring and compassion for my circumstances. To make a long and complicated story short, her involvement and the aggressive approach needed she was able to stop my former husband's attempts at removing our child from the school he had been going to his whole life within the first few days. My former spouse eventually had to stop his attempted case as all his allegations were outright fiction, and Elaine was able to get a ruling for attorney's fees to be paid back to me based on him filing false allegations in his request to modify. I can wholeheartedly recommend Elaine for anyone who needs a lawyer. She is kind, straightforward, and aggressive if need be. Thank you again Elaine.

Posted by Darlene

Excellent Attorney!!

October 1, 2015

I contacted several attorneys before choosing Elaine to represent me in working on modifying my divorce agreement. She presented me with a very reasonable approach to resolve my issues quickly and keeping in mind that it would be best for all involved that it didn't drag out too long. Unfortunately my former wife and her attorney chose to ignore mediation attempts, and resulted in us having to go into a lengthy trial experience. Elaine kept me well informed, and was available to address my concerns as we worked thru the process. She has excellent contacts, such as forensic psychologists and case law experts, that supported my case. My experience with Elaine's professionalism and expertise in family law has been outstanding. If you're looking for an attorney that can be caring and compassionate, but then come out aggressively for your case if necessary, then Elaine Simon is someone you want to hire!! I've already recommended her to someone else, and know for a fact she's provided them with the same level of professionalism and attention to their case as well. I highly recommend Elaine if you need a family law attorney.

Posted by Sean

Knowledgeable, Trusthworthy and an Attorney Who Cares

October 1, 2015

There is so much to be said... Elaine Simon is a world class lawyer. She's Sharp and Knowledgeable, but more importantly, she's Trustworthy and Reliable. I believe what motivates her as a lawyer is to see her clients succeed rather than to fill her bank account. I am fortunate to have found Ms Simon and was extremely happy when she agreed to take on my complicated case. I needed someone that I could trust. Someone that was actually up on current trends, laws, and cases that were either appealed or won relevant to mine. I needed someone to understand the complexity of my personal situation. If you need an attorney you can TRUST, who will PASSIONATELY FIGHT for you and KNOWS HOW, who is PERSONABLE, REACHABLE and COST-EFFECTIVE - Elaine Simon is THE ONE ! PS: I wanted to sincerely thank you Elaine, for all the hard work and support you put into my case. I was impressed by the knowledge you have. You made me feel very secure and talking to you was like talking to a friend.

Posted by Anderson

Very Professional & Caring

September 21, 2015

Ms. Elaine Simon represented me back in 2013. The case put my family through much grieve and stress, but Ms. Simon was confident and reassuring throughout the entire process. She put my family at ease with her professionalism and experience. My family and I were certain we were in good hands. I highly recommend Elaine Simon for representation in any area of Family Law.

Posted by Kenneth